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Upper Chichester September Road Closings

Upper Chichester September Road Closings

Posted on September 16, 2021

Friday September 17th Upper Chichester Townships Plum Street along with Mulberry Street will be closed due to milling.  

Monday September 20th Furey Road will be closed entering from Chichester Ave will be closed due to milling, please enter to reach the Police Station and the Furey Rd Fieldhouse from 322.

Thank you

The Township has contracted A.F. Damon, Inc. for the 2021 Road Improvement Program.  The work will commence on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 and extend for approximately 3 weeks, weather permitting.  When your road is scheduled to be paved, please remove all vehicles from the street by 7:00 A.M.  Any vehicles parked in the designated areas after the indicated time will be towed at the Owner’s expense.  Parking and traffic in these areas will be prohibited until the work is completed. Please do not drive through barricades as these are placed for the safety and protection of the workers.

If for any unforeseen reason the work is not completed on the designated date, the Contractor will be there the next working day.

Unless absolutely necessary, please do not drive or walk across freshly tarred or paved streets.  The oils and tar will stain cars, clothes, carpet, etc.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

REMEMBER:  Only a short term inconvenience for a better road.

Tentative Schedule – Subject to Change

Milling - Starting Tuesday, September 7th, in the proposed order:

Cherry Tree Road – Tuesday September 7th

Ruth Avenue – Tuesday September 7th

Ferncroft Circle – Tuesday September 7th

Pleasantview Avenue - Wednesday, September 8th

Huddle Street - Wednesday, September 8th

Alexander - Wednesday, September 8th

Sharpless Road - Wednesday, September 8th

Randall Avenue - Thursday, September 9th

Mason Avenue - Thursday - September 9th

Johnson Avenue - Thursday - September 9th

Winding Way - Wednesday, September 15th

Trophy Drive - Wednesday, September 15th

Colonial Drive - Wednesday, September 15th

Plum Street - Thursday, September 16th

Mulberry Street - Thursday, September 16th

Jennifer Way - Thursday, September 16th

Furey Road - Thursday, September 16th

Boothwyn Road (Speed Tables) – Tuesday, September 21, 2021