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Public Works Department

Snow and Ice Removal

Our Crews spend long hours in tough conditions to make the roads as safe as possible. Please cooperate with them.

Our trucks salt, and plow approximately 50 miles of roads. We stock over 300 tons of salt on the premises. We also have extra parts for plows and salt spreaders. Despite our best efforts, we do have equipment breakdowns during snowstorms. This may delay work on certain routes. Please be patient. They are doing their best to serve the community.

Each operator has a specific route. When a snowstorm begins, operators will cover their entire route with salt and plowing. If you notice a path through the road, please be patient. The driver will be back to plow curb to curb.

The success of our winter maintenance program depends on how much cooperation we receive from our citizens. Residents are asked to remove all vehicles from streets before the storm and keep them off until the streets are cleared. If we are required to send a crew out to re-plow a street because cars were parked there, it costs more of your tax dollars!

Safety Matters

The Township completes snow removal as quickly and safely as possible. We encourage residents not to drive during a storm unless absolutely necessary. If you MUST drive, please use extra caution, leave plenty of time for your travel, and please adhere to the following:

  • Maintain a safe distance between snow removal equipment and your vehicle.
  • Give plowing equipment the right-of-way whenever possible.
  • Only pass plowing equipment if it is safe.
  • Leave enough distance between the equipment and your vehicle before moving back in front of the plow.


Do not clear sidewalks until plowing equipment has passed or your hard work may have been for nothing. When clearing your driveway, be aware that when streets are plowed and widened the snow will go into your driveway. Clearing a wider area on the edge of the street in front of your driveway will allow much of the snow to leave the plow before your driveway.

Throwing, shoveling and plowing snow from sidewalks or driveways into the street is strictly forbidden. Please place snow you are shoveling into your property so as not to increase the effort of the snow removal response teams.