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License and Inspection

About the License and Inspection Department

Welcome to the License and Inspections Department of Upper Chichester Township! This page will help you navigate important aspects of Code Enforcement, UCC Permitting and the BCO, and Engineering. All of these parts make up license and inspections and are an integral part of our Community.

Code Enforcement

The Township employs various personnel to enforce local code requirements related to:

  • Business
    • New Business
    • Existing Business

Building Code Office

The Township of Upper Chichester is required to enforce the PA State Uniform Construction Code (UCC). We do this through a third party agency for permit approval, plan review, and inspections. Upper Chichester Township Permits are: Building, Electrical, Fire Protection, Mechanical, and Plumbing.


When projects are 500 square feet or more, Grading and Stormwater Management (SWM) are required to be implemented for a project. A Grading permit with fee, plans signed and sealed by an engineer, and an Escrow Account are required if the project size meets the requirements. Please see Ordinance 490: Stormwater Management and contact the License & Inspection Coordinator for additional information.

Licenses and Permits

Click HERE to view and download the various types of licenses and permits that help to enforce some of our Ordinances, ensure safe structures are built and maintained, and to help keep the community safe and healthy.

Contact the License and Inspections Department

Gabrielle O'Connor

Department Coordinator
Contact for general inquiries, permit fees, business registrations and property concerns.
(610) 485-5719 ext. 205

Keith Crowley

Code Enforcement
Contact for information on citations or violations on properties.
(610) 485-5719 ext. 213

Steve Saunders

Property Concerns
Contact for questions or concerns with regard to property maintenance.
(610) 485-5719 ext. 214

Joseph Okolowski

Property Concerns
Contact for questions or concerns with regard to property maintenance.
(610) 485-5719 ext. 223

Bill Gavin

Building Code Office
Contact for Information regarding the UCC regulations.
(610) 532-2884

Michelle Fanelli

Health Inspector
Contact for information regarding the regulations on food and drinking establishments.
(610) 304-1405

Charles Remaley

Use and Occupancy and Zoning Officer
Contact for information regarding renting / selling properties and Zoning regulations.
(610) 494-3010

Lisa Catania, P.E.

Township Engineer
Contact Catania Engineering Associates for information regarding Grading and Stormwater Management.
(610) 532-2884

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