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Prepare Now for Hurricanes

Prepare Now for Hurricanes

Posted on May 12, 2021
Hurricane Ready Tips

May marks the beginning of hurricane season in the US, with Eastern Pacific hurricane season beginning May 15 and Atlantic and Central Pacific hurricane season beginning June 1. Regardless of where hurricanes land, they always come with powerful winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding, which can cause significant harm to life and damage property.

If you have not prepared for hurricane season before, now is the time to get ready. Here are some ways to stay ahead of the storm and be better prepared.

Be on Alert

Make an Emergency Plan

Prepare Your Home and Help Your Neighbors

  • Make sure to clear storm drains and gutters and bring in outside furniture. Consider installing hurricane shutters if you need added protection against the storm.
  • Check with neighbors, seniors, or those who may need additional help [lnks.gd] when making your plans.

Visit ready.gov/hurricanes [lnks.gd] to learn more about how to get ready for hurricanes and how to stay safe during a storm.