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Delaware County Community College Vaccination Site

Delaware County Community College Vaccination Site

Posted on April 12, 2021

On Saturday, April 10, the County opened a large-scale community vaccination clinic at Delaware County Community College. This site will be operational each weekend for as long as needed. This site is the sixth vaccination site for Delaware County. All six sites are by appointment only.

Under the Governor's direction, Delaware County is currently vaccinating residents in Phase 1A and Phase 1B.

Please note that the county has simplified the process by which residents can receive the vaccine.

Previously, all Phase 1A residents were required to pre-register through the Chester County Health Department and were then contacted when an appointment became available.

With the transition to Phase 1B (and to Phase 1C on Monday, April 12), combined with the significant increase in doses from the State, we are now allowing residents to schedule appointments directly through our COVID-19 website—pre-registration is no longer required. Residents just visit our County website at delcopa.gov/vax and, when appointments are available, can simply choose the date, time, location, and vaccine type.

Note: The county will continue to add new appointments as quickly as vaccines are delivered to the County by the State. Thousands of new appointments have been added in the past 10 days and tens of thousands will be added each week. The County is asking residents to be patient. Delaware County is getting more vaccines, but the demand still exceeds the supply.

Based on current and expected allocations from the State, the County plans to vaccinate 20,000 people (10,000 Johnson & Johnson and 10,000 Moderna and Pfizer combined) per week, with a goal of 140,000 vaccinated residents in seven weeks.