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Delaware County Hiring Paid Election Staff for the 2020 General Election

Delaware County Hiring Paid Election Staff for the 2020 General Election

Posted on August 5, 2020

Delaware County is preparing for the General Election and is hiring staff to help with the elections process.

The County of Delaware is hiring two different types of clerks- Operators and Processors, to help prepare for the General Election, assist on Election Day and to work on post-election projects (counting votes, processing poll worker pay sheets, cleanup and sorting of returned supplies, etc.). The County is planning to hire paid staff for these roles, many of which were previously volunteer positions.

Operators will be trained to process mail-in voter applications through a computer system. This requires attention to detail and a high level of accuracy. Operators will start immediately in the Government Center in Media. In September, election staff will move to a new office space – with a lot more room! The new office is in the Wharf at Rivertown building, located at 2501 Seaport Drive, Chester, PA. It is next to the Talen Energy Soccer Stadium. 

Processers will be trained to process the physical mail-in ballot pieces and will assemble the mail-in ballot mailers. Processers will also assist with date stamping and sorting the returned ballots. This position requires employees to gain an understanding of the different precincts and post offices in the county and complete tasks quickly with a high level of accuracy. Processers will start the first week of September in the new office space in the Wharf at Rivertown building.

Successful Operators and Processers will be invited back to help with future elections. Interested applicants can apply at www.indeed.com

Type in Elections Delaware County in the search bar and both positions will come up. Applicants will be required to submit their resume and complete a brief assessment online. Previous volunteers are encouraged to apply.